Please enter the transfer code below to transfer your .TC domain to us.
There is no extra fee for the domain transfer. Only the renewal fee (the domain gets an additional one year life) applies.
.TC: $80.00USD / YEAR
.COM.TC: $30.00USD / YEAR
.NET.TC: $30.00USD / YEAR
.ORG.TC: $30.00USD / YEAR
.PRO.TC: $30.00USD / YEAR
A domain transfer with a transfer code (EPP code) takes immediately place.
Your current registrar can tell you the transfer code of your domain. If the domain is registered with us you can generate the transfer code on your customer panel. You can also use our "Transfer Code Generator“ to obtain a transfer code. To use the generator you have to provide in addition to the domain the email address of the registrant of the domain. A freshly generated code will then send to the email address on file for the domain.
Transfer Code Generator is operated by the registry. You can obtain a transfer code independent of your current registrar. This system allows you to receive a fresh generated transfer code to the email address which is on file at the registry.
Yes. You can manage your domain(s) settings on the client area.
Yes. And this is very easy!
All domains a directed to name servers. These name servers are managing records like A, MX, CNAME, TXT. If you have chosen our name servers you can manage these records on your customer panel. If you have set the name servers of your hosting company as your domain’s name servers - you have to set the values at their end. Our Extended DNS Management is free!
Yes. Name servers like ns.yourdomain.tc can be created on your customer panel.