You (Registrant) are hereby made aware of the fact that the registration of a .tc domain name requires the processing of personal and other data required to operate the .tc domain name system. Some of your personal and other data may also be published in the WHOIS query system by the Registry. The type and amount of data stored, processed and released by the Registry or in the WHOIS query is described in the following provisions.

1.General provisions / Information Collected

The Registry is committed to treating the personal information of Registrants according to the data protection laws. The Registry will receive the following information about Registrants from the respective accredited Registrars collected by you completing forms on the website of a registrar:

Full name of the Registrant;

Administrative contact name;

Technical contact name;

Billing contact name;

The following details will need to be provided for each contact above:

postal address;

e-mail address;

telephone number;

fax number (optional)

Any other information you provide by completing a form on an accredited registrar’s website. This information will be collected for the internal use of the Registry.

We may also collect the following types of information:

Details of transactions you carry out through our site and of the fulfilment of your orders; and

Details of transactions you carry out through our site and of the fulfilment of your orders. In addition, some of this data will be published in the WHOIS look-up facility described in Paragraph 3 below.

You have the right to access your personal data and to correct errors where they exist. The Registrant shall inform the Registry immediately of any changes in name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone or fax number of any contact.

Violation of this obligation can lead to the termination of the agreement for registration and use of the domain name.

2. Scope of Whois query

The information relating to a registered Domain name is contained in a WHOIS database in compliance with the rules set out below.

3. Purpose of the WHOIS query

The purpose of the WHOIS database is to provide accurate and up to date information to users of the WHOIS system about the administrative and technical points of contact administering the .tc domain name while respecting your privacy.

Any false, incorrect or outdated information about you will make it impossible for the Registry to contact you. In that case you may lose the domain name.

4. Information published in the WHOIS

The following information will be published in the WHOIS database, if you are a legal person or a form of organisation:

1. Registration date of the domain

2. Expiry date of the domain

3. Organisation name (if available)

4. Nameservers for the domain

5. Preventing misuse of WHOIS data

All users who submit a query to the WHOIS Database will be required to read and agree to the Legal statement and terms and conditions, which will inform the user that:

1. the WHOIS services are provided for information purposes only;

2. by submitting a query the user agrees not to use the information to:

allow, enable or otherwise support the transmission of unsolicited, commercial advertising or other solicitations whether via email or otherwise;

cause annoyance to the Registrant in any way by sending messages to them.

In addition, the Registry has implemented the following tools to prevent misuse of personal data available in the web-based WHOIS look-up facility as follows:

A WHOIS query is provided with an automatically generated random code which must be typed in before receiving the answer to the query. The code will be in the form of a picture to prevent easy automation of the system for data mining.

It won’t be possible to search using multi-criteria.

To prevent ‘data mining’ using the textual command method, a maximum of 5 domain names within 60 minutes may be retrieved from the same IP address.