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Contact Information: During the .TC domain name registration process via NIC TC services, you are requested to provide your email address, fax, phone, GSM number, and address. Additionally, during Customer Service support, any communication made with you in connection with the services offered may be recorded by NIC TC.

Financial Information: NIC TC may request your bank account number or other related data for payment during the domain name registration process. This information is not used outside of the ordered service and is not shared with third parties or institutions except as provided by legal regulations.

Anonymous Information for Statistical Purposes: Anonymous information of users benefiting from NIC TC services (such as postal code, gender, and age) can be used for personalized advertising and marketing services without being matched with personal data.

Cookies: NIC TC uses "cookie" technology to enhance your experience on the NIC TC site and services. Cookies are text files defined by websites on a user's hard disk when visiting a website. Cookie files are designated to your computer and record preferences and details about your site visit. This allows for faster and more efficient access upon your next visit. This process is entirely technical, and cookies never access other data on your computer. You can disable cookies through the web browser you use. However, in such a case, NIC TC cannot guarantee that you will receive effective service through the web browser you use.

How is the Collected Information Used?

Use by NIC TC: The information provided by you during registration may be used by NIC TC and its partners to contact you regarding services. Information or offers can be sent to the registered postal address or email address.

WHOIS Information: As required by ICANN policies, it includes details such as your full name, postal address, phone number, email address, fax number, domain registration, and associated Name Server information with creation and expiration dates. Hiding this information from the public can only be done through restrictions set by you under the domain registration policies. Required information to be made public can change over time as per ICANN policies, and our side has no authority to intervene.

Third Parties: NIC TC may share contact information for the delivery of services, offers, promotions, and related content from third-party institutions and companies to its members. However, if you do not want your information to be shared with third-party institutions/companies, you can communicate this by contacting us.

Legal Obligations: Under Law No. 5651, NIC TC and its service providers may hold IP information used by you while navigating the site or during transactions. IP information and membership information provided by you may be shared upon official request from legal authorities.

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